Achieve your running goals

  • Are you someone who runs regularly but wants a bit more structure and routine to improve their running?
  • Do you set yourself exercise goals and then fail to follow through with actually training for them?
  • Have you just started running and need some help sticking with it until you get over that tricky first phase?
  • Have you set yourself a big running goal but need to be kept accountable to training for it?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, or just want to be kept accountable to running more then this programme is for you.

This service has been created based on sports and exercise psychology knowledge of the benefits of goal setting and accountability for exercise. As someone who is studying a MSc in Sports and Exercise Psychology and did their undergraduate dissertation on goals setting in recreational runners, this is an area I am very interested in and would like to use this knowledge to help other runners. I am also training to become a running coach and will share information learnt from this with you.

(Please note: this is not a running coaching service as although I would like to offer this in the future I am not yet qualified to do this.)

Similar programmes (with less 1:1 contact) I have lead have received positive feedback.

“The programme has really helped me to set sensible goals around my recovery from illness and injury. It has helped keep me accountable and motivated with my cross training programme.”

“I really enjoyed Ellen’s programme. It really helped to motivate me to run and to run further. It was great to have another runner who was interested in my running”

Other runners have told me that being kept accountable to goals in this way has helped them to feel motivated to go running when they might not otherwise have done so. They have also said that having to commit to a goal has helped their running.

I hope that by taking part in this programme you will also experience these benefits.

What you will receive

  • A FREE starter pack designed to help you pick your running goals (I can give a bit of guidance on this if needed). You will be asked to pick one long term goal and several shorter term goals to help you reach your long term goal
  • A FREE phone call to clarify your goals
  • A FREE personalised calendar designed to help you achieve your goals
  • Two personalised emails a week to keep you accountable and on track with the goals you have picked (if you become ill or injured, don’t worry, these can be adapted as needed)
  • A monthly phone call to discuss your progress and any goals that might need changing (at a mutually convenient time)
  • Access to a private members’ area (this contains a wealth of resources, including running tips and advice, book recommendations and downloadable PDFs)

You will also be the first to hear of any other products or services I launch.


This programme costs £20 a month. However, as you will get the greatest benefits from it by taking part for multiple months, I am offering discounts on bookings of more than one month.

Members of Vegan Runners UK and Abingdon Athletics Club will receive a £20 discount on bookings of more than one month. If this applies to you please add VRUK or AAC after your name on the booking form. If I can verify your membership you will be sent a discounted link to pay.

If you are already on the programme and refer a friend to it you will receive a £20 discount on your next booking of multiple months. In addition, your friend will receive a £20 discount on bookings of multiple months. If you refer multiple friends you will still only get a £20 discount but each of your friends will still get a £20 discount. Anyone signing up having been referred by a friend will need to put the name of the friend referring them on the sign up form. If I can verify that they are part of this programme you will be sent a discounted link to pay.

Prices are outlined below:

Length of timeStandardVRUK/ AAC member/ Refer a friend
1 month£20£20
3 months (saving 5%)£57 £37
6 months (saving 10%)£108 £88
12 months (saving 15%)£204 £184


To register for this service please fill in the relevant Google Form below.

Please note: as places are limited no payment will be taken at this stage. If you are successful in getting a place you will be sent a link to pay, which must be paid in full before you receive your starter pack. I will email you individually to let you know if you have been given a space so don’t worry if you don’t get an immediate response, I will reply to you as soon as possible. If you are not successful in getting a place, you will be placed on a waiting list and emailed when a space becomes available.

Any questions you have should be emailed to me at