My name is Ellen and I’m here to help more people just like you get into sport and exercise. I’ve been a runner for around 10 years and know how important exercise is for your physical and mental health. With a bit of help I believe that anyone can start exercising more regularly and experience the benefits of this.

In 2018 I graduated from The Open University with a BSc (Hons) Psychology degree and am currently studying a Masters in Sports and Exercise Psychology. I want to use the knowledge I gain from this to help more people start, and importantly continue with exercise.

I help with running coaching at my local running club where I have been organising a goal setting programme to help the runners I work with achieve their running goals. I have a Leadership in Running Fitness qualification, an Athletics Coaching Assistant qualification, have completed a workshop in Youth Endurance Coaching and am in the process of training to become an endurance coach.

I am also a Mental Health Champion for Abingdon Athletics Club and Vegan Runners UK. This is a voluntary role run by England Athletics and involves being a point of contact for people at these clubs who need mental health support to direct them towards organisations that can provide support. It also involves outreach work in the community to support people with mental health difficulties to start running to experience the benefits of this.

If you would like to learn more about how to start and continue with exercise, please follow me on Twitter @EllenAllsop for updates on blog posts and links to useful information. Useful websites and resources can be found here.

Happy exercising 🙂